From a humble beginning in 1982, Regional College of Management has grown into a promising business school in India. The guiding philosophy of the institute is to create and disseminate knowledge, and to produce globally competitive and socially responsible business leaders. It inculcates human values and professional ethics in the students and make them socially responsible citizens.

The contemporary industry focused curriculum with innovative pedagogical methods and practice based learning, instill in the minds of the students a sense of confidence and passion to excel. The programmes offered by the Department of Management Studies lay emphasis on integrated personality development of the students and help them imbibe the values of team work. This has been possible by an excellent team of highly dedicated, committed and knowledgeable faculty members.

Having been accredited by National and International accrediting organizations, the institute is now aspires for global recognition. The institute is developing partnerships with leading Business Schools worldwide to assimilate the cross cultural dimensions of business. In order to achieve this goal, all the stakeholders including the students have got significant roles to play and realign themselves to the new vision of the Institute.

Life in and around Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar, the capital of the state of Odisha, has a long history of close to 3000 years and offers a mix of old world charm with modern amenities, technologies and young population. The modern city is the result of a planned development designed by a German architect in mid-1940s. The city has recently been recognized by World Bank as the third best place in India to start and operate business. It is also ranked as the best tier-2 cities in India and Top Ten emerging cities in India by Associated Chamber of Commerce. Bhubaneshwar offers excellent infrastructure, modern amenities, relatively low cost of living and a peaceful serene environment for professional and personal growth. It is one of the fastest developing cities in India with an emerging hub for IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Telecom, Tourism and Education sector.

Bhubaneshwar is also known as “Temple City of India” as it is dotted with many fascinating and imposing temples showcasing the epitome of brilliance and imagination of bygone era of Indian Artistry lost in history.

Bhubaneshwar is dotted with many splendid temples numbering around700. The pristine surrounding areas of Bhubaneshwar is endowed with both popular beaches in Puri and architectural marvels like Konark temples, a World Heritage Site. The visitors in Bhubaneshwar get the opportunity to enjoy a modern city with all amenities, mingle with professionals from numerous corporate & students and at the same time can satisfy their artistic, environmental and history.