RCM as a leading B-School believes in Philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility apart from imparting Management education. The institute has been in for front in promoting and implementing these responsibilities. NSS plays a vital role in full filling the CSR programs .Some of the activities under taken over the Years is as follows.

NSS Work:

14th Aug. 2004 – Volunteer Blood Donation Camp (VBDC) at RCM Premises in collaboration with BMC blood Bank.

27th Sept.2004 – World Tourism Day – Inauguration of World’s Second Largest Spiritual Garden by Hon’ble Minister Sj. Surya Narayan Patro at RCM Premises.

5th Oct. 2005 – VBDC at RCM Premises in collaboration with Red Cross Blood Bank.

18th Feb. 2006 – VBDC at RCM Premises in collaboration with Municipal Hospital in memory of Late Deepak Barala, a student of MCA department.

3rd Sept. 2006 – RCM NSS unit along with Students, Faculty & Staffs went out for “Relief Work for the victims of flood affected areas of Brahmagiri and Kanasa blocks.

27th Sept.2006 – On the occasion of World Tourism Day A Plantation Programme was held in the RCM campus as well as the RCM NSS students volunteered in the cleaning of SHANTA MEMORIAL REHABILITATION CENTRE, near Kalinga Hospital.

19th March 2007 -VBDC at RCM Premises in collaboration with Municipal Hospital & Blood Bank.

7th Sept.2007 – VBDC at RCM Premises in collaboration with Blood Bank in memory of Late Kanchan Sony, a student of PGDM department.

10th Feb 2008 – VBDC at RCM Premises in collaboration with Red Cross Blood Bank & Rotary Club.

5th Jan. to 27th March 2008 – RCM- NSS unit along with other students, staff & faculty members Volunteered in a beautification programme of “Prayash” Vending Zone near Kalinga Hospital as well as Rupali Square A hanging Fountain in Saheed Nagar.

27th Sept 2008 – On the occasion of World Tourism Day RCM Tourism Department along with NSS unit observed through a campaign “Tourism Opens Doors for Women”.

3rd April 2009 – VBDC at RCM Premises in collaboration with Municipal Hospital & Blood Bank.

1st April 2010 – On the occasion of World Silence Day A VBDC at RCM Premises in collaboration with Municipal Hospital Blood Bank Berhampur, Blood Bank Cuttack & Red Cross Blood Bank.

CSR Student & Faculty members at Regional College of Management (RCM) do believe in individual responsibility and accountability towards social changes. Round the year, round the clock the selfless managers at the institution keep on devising newer formats and models for social awareness, changes and activate the population for greater achievements.

GARBITA MUN ODIA (The First Ever Silent Celebrations of the State)

To promote silence for a better tomorrow and the art of supporting a hand in need. 20,000 citizens were motivated to participate in mass 564 units of blood donation, 38 eye donation, 50 organ donation, 6254 book donation and observing silence in actions and activities for a period of seven days a year. An eco friendly media vehicle was created for the movement using traditional bullock cart. More than 230 workshops, counseling sessions were organized during the event from 26th March to 1st April 2010.

State Government of Odisha, Confederation of Indian Industries, Indian Innovations Incubation Foundation, Indian Red Cross Society and numerous other corporate and public bodies became a part of it spontaneously to make it a participatory success.

NO SOUND NO SMOKE DIWALEE (Let Mother Earth Breathe Campaign)

CSR To make change permanent, on Diwalee, the Indian celebration of crackers & lights, the student members organized street campaigns connecting more than 30,000 commutersacross the city to observe a smoke free Diwalee. 18,000 Green Bands were provided to people with a pledge for an eco friendly diwalee on the campaign day 5th November, 2010.

Commissionerate Police, Municipal Corporation, State Pollution Control Board, South Asian Network of Developmental and Environmental Economics, Agragamee, Red fm was the principal partners to the program.

AHAM (Share Your World Campaign)

Students of RCM do understand the need to lend a hand for the generations to come. RCM(A) has adopted an orphanage “Sri Anand Mission Ashram” with 98 inmates and celebrate all their great days there. The program offers skill and hobby development sessions twice a week, computer and edutainment sessions regularly at the orphanage. Health Check Up camps, Thalassaemia & Sickle Cell Anemia detection camps, educational tours, counseling sessions are regularly organized at the orphanage. Students contribute their share in most of the events, celebrations at the place, for the students. Organisations like Indian Innovations Incubation Foundation, TASWELS, Indian Red Cross Society, Hello Doctor are always on hand to support the initiatives. The project was inaugurated on 6th November, 2010.

HISSH (A Campaign to Protect Snakes)

The environment is in danger and its inhabitants too. RCM(A) takes special interest in protecting snakes. In association with Snake Helpline & Animal Lovers Association, it arranges seminars and workshops regularly for the public to not to kill snakes. Road shows and live demos are given to people to know the techniques of handling snakes & snake bytes in case of an emergency. The efforts are well appreciated and participated by the public, academic institutions, schools in large numbers. The campaign started on 4th august 2010.

SHAKTI (Saluting the Women Power)

Students of RCM(A) observe all celebrations with a message to the society. On International Women’s Day, 12th March, 2011 the motivators, campaigners welcomed women employees at the State Secretariat, Corporate Houses, and Industries and on traffic spots. The working class was elated by the movement and appreciated the efforts with emotions.

BETTER TOMMORROW (Justifying Existence)

Student members of RCM(A) have been protagonist to motivate the public of the state in common, the student mass of professional institutions to justify their existence by living for the other self thru the better tomorrow community. Dr. Prabir Pal, Director RCM(A) inaugurated the project on 1st April, 2011.

As the saying goes, it is the moral caliber and character of a student that decides the effectiveness of the education an institute offers them. At RCM(A), it is a FAMILY that changes the world around for a better tomorrow.