RCM conducts idea assessment & implementation workshops and discussion forums with participation of entrepreneurs from industry and academic thought leaders to debate, brainstorm and build a knowledge base on multiple aspects of e-commerce, emerging markets and marketing ramifications. As part of this initiative, the following training, discussions and activities are carried out:

  • The influence of e-commerce as a marketing avenue of products and services using click & mortar technology and structure.
  • Requirements in the area of Sourcing, Logistics, Financing, Customer Engagement Methods, Marketing Best Practices and overall management of the operations are practiced and reviewed under entrepreneurial and academic guidance in RCM incubation centers created jointly with industrial houses / organizations.
  • Major and path-breaking changes & dynamism are being caused by e-commerce in the services and retail marketing sector mostly through application of technology. The impact of Social Channels, Mobility and Real Time Operational Analytics in shaping new business environment and diversified usage of business applications are one of the agenda in the training program.
  • The feedbacks and inputs are sought from practicing managers, new generation entrepreneurs and consultants in shaping up the course content and training curricula for the students.
  • Students are provided with core knowledge on deployment strategy, program management, implementation methods and approaches on on-premise and cloud based SaaS deployment.