Being the apex body of the institute, the Governing Body consists of eminent educationists, social workers, senior academicians, public personalities, industry experts, and representatives from UGC, Affiliating University and the State Government. The governing Body takes strategic decisions and provides overall directions for development and growth of the institution. The policy decisions taken by this apex body enables the institute in achieving its goal as enshrined in the institutes vision and mission.


Governing Body consists of following members:
Sl No Name of the Member Designation
1. Mr. Satya Ranjan Mandal President
2. Mr. Kuntal Choudhury Executive Vice-President
3. Dr. D J E Ravithilagan Principal
4. Dr. Gurudas Bandhapadhay Dean and Vice-Principal
5. Dr. Prabir Pal Member
6. Mr. Sanjay Saini Member
7. Mr. Pradipta Bhattacharya Member
8. Dr. Janardhanam, Director, CBSM, BU. Member
9. Prof. Tapan Nayak Member
10. University Nominee
11. AICTE Nominee