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RCM Bangalore is one of the Top Management Schools in Bangalore.

Expert International Faculty

Our Experienced Faculty help enhance your talent and help you advance your career in the right path.

International Tour

International Tour to ISAE Brazil and Switzerland

Excellent Placements

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100% Placements

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International Tour to ISAE, Brazil

International Tour to ISAE, Brazil

International Tour to Switzerland

International Tour to Switzerland

Welcome to RCM Bangalore

Keeping in mind the growing demand of the corporate managers and entrepreneurs in the new fast-paced economy, RCM has setup a campus in Bangalore to meet industry demand.

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Admissions Open for 2017-19 Batch. AICTE approved MBA - PGDM program.

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RCM Bangalore



Dr. Agata Stachowicz


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Dr. Wolfgang Amann

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Amann


Business Strategy & Leadership

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Milenko Gudic

Mr. Milenko Gudic

Business Economics

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Peter Zackariasson

Dr. Peter Zackariasson, Ph.D.

Business Economics and Law

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Prof. Ganka D. Nyamsogoro

Accounting and Finance

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Eleonora Tankova

Prof. Eleonora Tankova


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Student Testimonials

  • RCM Bangalore is extremely fabulous college, ensured our all-round development. Teachers are highly educated and friendly. RCM Bangalore is very good in Placement. This two years to be most enchanting life time event which transformed us from students to professionals. I would like to remain connected with the institute throughout my life.

    Bikani Satya Narayan
    Manager - Retail Assets, YES Bank
  • RCM Bangalore is an amazing campus. The facilities are awesome. Lots of industrial activities. Assured Placements. The professors are of a difference class. I like it.

    Madhumita Saha
    RCM Bangalore

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