Currently RCM has International Partnership Agreement  with the following foreign institutes:

  • Marshall Glodsmith School of Management, Alliant International University, Sandiago, USA.
  • The University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China./li>
  • TFH WILDAU, Germany/li>
  • Clafin Business School, South Carolina, USA./li>
  • School Of Business, North State University, Aberdeen./li>
  • SSM Swiss School of Management, Italy, London and Paris./li>

Student Exchange Program (SEP) with universities / institutes abroad promotes a greater understanding of the multi-faceted international issues and increases the competencies of students who will live and work in an increasingly interdependent globalized world. For the first time in the history of mankind the importance of global citizenship has emerged. An exposure to the global and multi-cultural environment of working is well appreciated and much needed by transnational companies and Indian corporate houses alike. SEP provides a unique opportunity for the students to enrich their academic experience and widen their career horizons.

Keeping this need in mind, RCM has entered into alliances with foreign colleges and universities to provide international cross-cultural and skill exposure to our students. The aim is to provide a platform to our students to expand their horizon & provide exposure to different learning / training methods. The program also aims at having a faculty exchange program to leverage the strength of respective institutions and share knowledge, teaching methods and experiences. This is part of RCM’s contemporisation program through academic collaboration with leading institutes abroad for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, research, academic content enrichment and students / distinguished Faculty exchange.

RCM intends to have international collaboration as core of its strategy by sending one out of every three students abroad. We plan to achieve at least 100 students exchange programs which will be stepped up to more than 200 students eventually.