A constantly changing work environment – due to technology, customer-driven markets, an information-based economy and globalization that are currently impacting on the structure of the workplace and leading to an increased reliance on, and demand for, life skills. Centre of Excellence (COE) for Life Skills in RCM offers a range of Training Programs and Development Solutions that compliments the regular curriculum. The training workshops are experiential and highly interactive so that ideas and concepts are easily grasped and transfer and retention is effective. Most of these programs are activity based and includes exercises, role plays, case studies, lectures, assessments, analysis, presentations, video clips, storytelling and discussions. The workshop also employs the latest innovative Neuro Linguistic Programming principles, and a blend of Western and Oriental philosophy. It also focuses on elements of ‘Training and Development’ that require changes in ‘Behavior and Thinking’.

The workshops encourage the participants to learn and understand various aspects of their personality through experience in various activities and exercises and thus helps individuals discover their potential via a journey of self-realization. These sessions – conducted by Industry Specialists, RCM Academicians and practice g managers – are focused to develop disciplined pool of visionary Leaders who:

  • Take ownership, responsibilities and become Change Managers, to attain organizational goals thus capitalizing on growth opportunities.
  • Learn about emerging Leadership skill trends by successful Leaders of today, enhance team work to inspire and energize teams to get tasks accomplished quickly and deliver exceptional performance.
  • Enhance motivation levels, improve engagement and effectively manage complexity to take wise and productive actions.