Experience tells us that some projects are successful, some fail. In retrospect most have had some room for improvement. In RCM Project Management Center of Excellence the students are provided with the knowledge how best one can ensure better performance through consistent processes, intellectual capital, tools and hands-on support in managing a project. In PM-CoE – RCM conducts workshops, case study analysis and discussion sessions with participation from practicing Project Managers and Academics from fields of Operations Management. As part of this initiative, the following activities are arranged regularly:

  • How to map PM activities to the project lifecycle that will help in getting a useful perspective of a project.
  • Managing the normal planning, execution and support ongoing projects throughout the entire project lifecycle. These functions includes Project Execution – managing the day-to-day project lifecycle from some defined initiation point through to a defined completion or hand-off point. These activities covers –
    • Managing project physical resources
    • Managing Project People
    • Managing Intellectual Capita
  • It is vital for Project Managers to be strongly supported by all organizational stakeholders. Students are exposed to various global practices that accomplishes Stakeholder Management through socialization, focus and results.
  • Latest Project Management concepts and tools that is causing additional dynamism by digital tolls and techniques.
  • As with most projects, one size does not fit all. Rather than students are trained to prescribe a solution, that focuses on how to achieve a well-functioning PM organization within the context of the entire organization. An organization where all together are smarter than any of us alone. The “field” has insights and solutions that are waiting to be harvested.
  • The feedbacks and inputs are sought from practicing managers, new generation entrepreneurs and consultants in shaping up the course content and training curricula for the students.