College campus is full with levelled green fields amidst fruits and flower trees and students enjoy playing therein Badminton, Volley ball, Kabbadi, Lock & Key,Kana Machi, Treasure hunts, besides practising cricket, football games. Indoors games like Table Tennis, Chess and Carom are very favourite to students and they enjoy healthy competitions.



Students enjoy sprints, shot puts, and other sports and healthy competitions are established to develop sporting attitude amongst students. Indoor games Table Tennis, Carom, Chess are enjoyed by students although they remain more interested for outdoor games like Football, Cricket, Voley ball, Kabadi, Kana Machi, Lock & Key, which strengthens physical and mental health.



Leadership club includes leadership style survey and exchanging scores, computing average scores, and present findings focussing on areas where improvement is required. Leadership club is the incubation centre where various attributes of a leader like communication skill, interpersonal skill, and motivational skill are honed through activity based learning. Various contests and activities are arranged which help to develop leadership attribute.



Photography is a common habit exhibited by students with great enthusiasm and they remain busy in taking Selfie group photos and sharing with each other. Photo shopping and photo editing have now turned out to be regular job of a common interest group. Capturing good memories always pays a lot to a person as well as institution. Students try hard to be Selfie expert on camera phone.



Quiz is conducted on different national and regional issues, especially on important days like World Environment Day, Women’s Day and the winners are awarded suitable recognition and prizes. Debates are organised on the table and on the floor on various burning issues and Human Capital Development issues which sharpen the logical and analytical skill of the students.



Students getting engaged in morning walks and jogging and using exercise bars, keeping themselves fit. They not only take care for physical health but also develop strong mental health by inculcating good habits and practising meditation and yoga. Cycling and swimming competitions are also encouraged.



Students are given facilities to visit nearby areas and discuss with NGOs as well as Administrative offices like BDO Office and get involved in community development works and to keep the area clean and green.



Young minds are excited to explore the ever changing dynamics of marketing. The club aims at keeping members informed of the developments in various areas like marketing of ideas, brand building, single point marketing, online and digital marketing.



Dance, Drama and Mimicry and music programme are arranged to build a happy community. Dreams of talents are exhibited through dance and fashion shows. Free Story telling is encouraged which bring home good lessons to learn through the storey. The best performers are rewarded and encouraged to improve.



Teachers have voluntarily taken up mentoring activities to develop the young minds understanding their needs and wants and helping them to come out successfully in all walks of life. Mentors are already there where mentees want to go. They take care for holistic developments of the students with special care and caution for their character strength and virtues. Students are also sparing time and taking lot of interest in mentoring activity and the roots of developments are now getting good ground.



Students are asked to teach certain topics on personality development and they learn more when trying to teach fellow students. Learn to teach and teach to learn programme showing dramatic results.